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Charles Wheelan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through For Chapters 8-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, the Hope Scholarships were a plan wherein students could borrow money for college and pay back their loans after they graduated using what?
(a) Regular debit payments.
(b) Interest free payments.
(c) A percentage of their annual income.
(d) Government bonds.

2. What refers to the increasingly global relationships of culture, people and economic activity?
(a) Consolidation.
(b) Globalization.
(c) Slavery.
(d) Monopoly.

3. North Korea is a single-party state under a united front led by what party?
(a) The Korean Entitlement Party.
(b) The Korean Workers' Party.
(c) The Communist Party.
(d) The Democratic Party.

4. According to the author in Chapter 3, it's up to whom to consider the broad social consequences of decisions In a market economy?
(a) Nonprofit organizations.
(b) Religious institutions.
(c) Corporations.
(d) The government.

5. What is an investment position intended to offset potential losses that may be incurred by a companion investment?
(a) Deductible.
(b) Hedge.
(c) Bond.
(d) Futures contract.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael Jensen is a professor at what university's business school?

2. Of the top 25 polluted cities in the world, how many are in China according to the author?

3. What term was first used in the early 1990s to denote an organization's reputation as an employer?

4. What is a contract between two parties that specifies conditions under which payments, or payoffs, are to be made between the parties?

5. What rhetorical question do economists ask, according to the author in Chapter 1?

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