Naked Character Descriptions

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David Sedaris

This is the author and narrator of Naked.

Amy Sedaris

This sister of the author has co-written several plays with him in addition to establishing her own career as a humorist and comedic actress.

Miss Katherine Chestnut

This is the author's third grade math teacher and the first faculty member to visit the family's home.


This is the author's paternal grandmother who lived in New York and eventually moved in with the family.

Mrs. Sedaris

This figure in the essays is hard-drinking, chain-smoking, and sarcastic.

Mr. Sedaris

This figure in the essays is a traditional Greek who works at IBM.

Lisa Sedaris

This is the author's oldest sister and frequent confidant.


This is the prostitute rescued by the author's sister.


This is the man who picked up the author hitchhiking, then tried to kill him.

Randolph Feathers

This is a college friend...

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