Naked Character Descriptions

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David Sedaris - This is the author and narrator of Naked.

Amy Sedaris - This sister of the author has co-written several plays with him in addition to establishing her own career as a humorist and comedic actress.

Miss Katherine Chestnut - This is the author's third grade math teacher and the first faculty member to visit the family's home.

Ya-Ya - This is the author's paternal grandmother who lived in New York and eventually moved in with the family.

Mrs. Sedaris - This figure in the essays is hard-drinking, chain-smoking, and sarcastic.

Mr. Sedaris - This figure in the essays is a traditional Greek who works at IBM.

Lisa Sedaris - This is the author's oldest sister and frequent confidant.

Dinah - This is the prostitute rescued by the author's sister.

T.W. - This is the man who picked up the author hitchhiking, then tried...

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