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Short Answer Questions

1. What angers Breton about the woman?

2. What is the only thing Breton thinks could have kept him and Nadja together?

3. What does Nadja say she always does to keep herself amused?

4. What does Breton say he has now yielded the desire to do?

5. What do the colored prints depict?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the incident with the red window?

2. What does Breton feel about his relationship with Nadja in retrospect?

3. Why does Breton admire Nadja ability to entertain herself with stories?

4. Describe three drawings Nadja draws as a symbol of her relationship with Breton.

5. Describe the awkward meeting Breton and Nadja have on October the 6th.

6. What problem does Nadja say she once had with drugs?

7. How did Breton and Nadja almost kill themselves?

8. Why does Breton disagree with what Nadja's mother does in her spare time?

9. What does Nadja tell Breton about her two friends?

10. Why does Breton's artist friend refuse to paint Nadja?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What would happen if Breton and Nadja ever met again? What does Breton thinks would happen if he met Nadja again?

Essay Topic 2

How does Breton's affair affect his life and thoughts about life? Is the way Nadja lives life close to Breton's own surrealist philosophies? How would their relationship have developed if they had continued seeing each other?

Essay Topic 3

What are Breton's opinions on life how does he express them? Do you agree or disagree with Breton's views?

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