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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Breton say Nadja is unable to hold onto?
(a) Reality.
(b) Hope.
(c) Men.
(d) Money.

2. Why is Breton distracted when he meets Nadja in this section?
(a) His wife is in labor.
(b) His wife is ill.
(c) He has met another woman he likes.
(d) He is in a bad mmod.

3. Where does Breton think Nadja would have gone if she was rich in stead of the sanitarium?
(a) A rest home.
(b) A hospital.
(c) A prison.
(d) A rehad center.

4. Why does Breton take issue with Nadja's mother watching people on the Metro?
(a) He doesn't find people going to work interesting.
(b) He doesn't think the Metro is the place for a woman.
(c) He thinks the Metro is a waste of money.
(d) A person's life is their own business.

5. What does Breton say be would do if he was put in a sanitarium?
(a) Drink himself to death.
(b) Bite someone.
(c) Read alot of books.
(d) Kill someone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the woman's name?

2. Where do Breton and Nadja catch a train to in this section?

3. What is the month at the beginning of this section?

4. What is plate 16 a picture of?

5. What does Breton say are made in sanitariums?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Breton admire Nadja ability to entertain herself with stories?

2. Why does Breton send his friend Paul Eluard to Nadja's house?

3. Why does Breton feel he has stopped understanding Nadja?

4. How does Breton think Nadja will cope in the sanitarium?

5. Why does Breton's artist friend refuse to paint Nadja?

6. What frightens Nadja on the first train?

7. Why does Breton disagree with what Nadja's mother does in her spare time?

8. What does Breton feel about Nadja during the day on October the 7th?

9. Describe the awkward meeting Breton and Nadja have on October the 6th.

10. Describe three drawings Nadja draws as a symbol of her relationship with Breton.

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