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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Venus jealous of Psyche?
(a) She was young and beautiful.
(b) She was Venus' younger sister.
(c) She was more wealthy.
(d) She was more powerful.

2. The Roman poet ________ wrote a lot about the myths, but presented them as silly stories that held no inner meaning.
(a) Oppian.
(b) Ovid.
(c) Homer.
(d) Cercops.

3. When Alcyone's husband Ceyx was killed in ______________, the pitying gods sent her a dream to tell her the truth about what had happened to him.
(a) A flood.
(b) A chariot accident.
(c) A storm at sea.
(d) A car accident.

4. The Greeks finally won the war with __________.
(a) A sacrifice to the gods.
(b) One last bloody battle.
(c) A huge wooden horse.
(d) An expensive bribe.

5. Jason was the hero who set out to retrieve the Golden Fleece from whom?
(a) King Titan of Colchis.
(b) King Aeetes of Colchis.
(c) King Tut of Egypt.
(d) King Nguyen of Siam.

Short Answer Questions

1. ______________ was the god of the sea and brother of Zeus.

2. Pygmalion fell in love with the statue of a woman that he had created. Venus took pity on his aching heart and turned the statue into a real, living woman. Pygmalion married her and named her ____________.

3. Who was Medea?

4. Hercules was the son of Zeus and whom?

5. Out of this came Night and Death, then Light, followed by Earth (_________) and Heaven (Ouranos, or Uranus).

Short Essay Questions

1. Choose one of the love stories in this section. Summarize this story. How does it reflect someone's jealousy?

2. How does the story of the Trojan War support the fact that many heroes have the same fatal flaw?

3. What are two ancient sources that can be used to study Greek mythology? How is each of these sources useful?

4. Overall, what were the initial roles of the Greek and Roman gods? How might this have been beneficial for mankind?

5. Describe the appearance and behavior of the Greek gods. What does this reflect, regarding the attitude towards mankind?

6. Why did Greek mythology come to exist? What was its purpose?

7. Describe one of the Greek creation stories. How does this story compare to your own idea regarding the creation of the world?

8. What is the lesson that is to be learned in the story of Phaeton? How is this an important lesson?

9. Choose two of the Greek gods or goddesses. Describe the personalities and roles of these gods or goddesses.

10. Why was Perseus famous? Does this make him a hero? Why or why not?

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