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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Persephone was enchanted by Orpheus' music, and Hades agreed to release Eurydice, on what condition?
(a) Orpheus must not touch her until she was in the land of the living again.
(b) Orpheus must not look back at her until she was in the land of the living again.
(c) Orpheus must not ever look upon her.
(d) Orpheus must never touch her.

2. _________ was the king of the gods and ruler of Olympus.
(a) Poseidon/Neptune.
(b) Zeus/Jupiter.
(c) Zeus/Neptune.
(d) Hera/Juno.

3. Pygmalion fell in love with the statue of a woman that he had created. Venus took pity on his aching heart and turned the statue into a real, living woman. Pygmalion married her and named her ____________.
(a) Gallus.
(b) Gaetulicus.
(c) Gnaeus.
(d) Galatea.

4. Later Greek writers include ______________, a lyric poet whose poems contained references to mythology, and the tragic playwrights Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.
(a) Pindar.
(b) Elephantis.
(c) Ovid.
(d) Odysseus.

5. Earlier heroes were superhuman individuals who fought alone against monsters and strange creatures, while the Trojan heroes fought whom?
(a) Other men in small militias.
(b) Other men as part of an army.
(c) Other men, alone.
(d) Monsters and strange creatures as part of an army.

Short Answer Questions

1. Phaёthon was the son of the Sun-god ____________.

2. The inventor warned his son ______________.

3. To whom was Helen married?

4. What happened when King Minos locked this inventor up in his own labyrinth?

5. Theseus became a good and just king of _________ and took part in many more adventures, such as the Calydonian Boar hunt and the fight between Centaurs and Lapiths.

Short Essay Questions

1. Should Greek mythology be understood as a bible of sorts? Why or why not?

2. What ended when Atalanta was married? What does this reinforce in Greek culture?

3. Why were women seen as lesser beings? How does Greek mythology support this belief regarding women?

4. How does the story of the Trojan War support the fact that many heroes have the same fatal flaw?

5. What do all of these stories reveal about the gods?

6. Choose another one of the love stories. How does this story show the kindness the gods are capable of feeling?

7. Describe the appearance and behavior of the Greek gods. What does this reflect, regarding the attitude towards mankind?

8. How did Hercules purify himself? Do you see this as being necessary? Why or why not?

9. Overall, what were the initial roles of the Greek and Roman gods? How might this have been beneficial for mankind?

10. How was Theseus honored by the Athenians? Why was he honored in this way?

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