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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Odysseus alone survived and washed up on the shore of the island of ______________, where a sea-nymph who kept him captive for years.
(a) Caliente.
(b) Conga.
(c) Calypso.
(d) Caliope.

2. Glaucus went to the witch Circe to ask for a love potion. How did Circe feel about the situation?
(a) Happy that Glaucus asked her for help.
(b) Furious that Glaucus loved Scylla and not her.
(c) Annoyed that Glaucus would waste her time on a love potion.
(d) Worried that Glaucus would never be loved by the nymph.

3. This chapter gives brief summaries of _______________ more myths.
(a) Eleven.
(b) Thirty-one.
(c) Forty-one.
(d) Twenty-one.

4. The Horn of Plenty, or the Cornucopia, was magically always full of what?
(a) Wildlife.
(b) Music.
(c) Food.
(d) Fruit and flowers.

5. These two sisters had __________ nieces.
(a) Five.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) Four.

6. When Aeneas and his group arrived in Italy, they were greeted warmly by __________, the local king.
(a) Latinus.
(b) Longitude.
(c) Latissimus.
(d) Latitude.

7. With whom did Agamemnon's wife have an affair?
(a) Her cousin Aegisthus.
(b) Her brother-in-law Aegisthus.
(c) His cousin Aegisthus.
(d) Her neighbor Aegisthus.

8. Procne became a ______________ that sang mournfully for her dead son whom she now regretted killing.
(a) Nightingale.
(b) Robin.
(c) Cricket.
(d) Whippoorwhill.

9. Oedipus saved the city from _____________, a monster that asked riddles of travelers who passed by.
(a) The Sphinx.
(b) The Gargoyle.
(c) The Lynx.
(d) The Succubus.

10. Procne was married to Tereus of Thrace, a son of Ares, who fell in love with ______________ and tricked her into a marriage before cutting out her tongue and locking her up.
(a) Perseus.
(b) Philomela.
(c) Erectheus.
(d) Theseus.

11. Odysseus' adventures were told in the _________ poem The Odyssey.
(a) Epic.
(b) Epigram.
(c) Short.
(d) Idyll.

12. One of the earliest kings was _______________, who ruled at the time Demeter brought agriculture to earth.
(a) Theseus.
(b) Philomela.
(c) Erectheus.
(d) Perseus.

13. Why did visiting the underworld mark Aeneas as a very special hero?
(a) Only a few mortals made it to the underworld.
(b) Only a few mortals in the Greek myths went to the underworld and returned.
(c) Mortals were not allowed to visit the underworld; this was a place for only the gods.
(d) Most mortals had no interest in going to the underworld.

14. This story is very different from the other myths in the book for ____________ reasons.
(a) Three.
(b) Several.
(c) Two.
(d) Very few.

15. Proper _____________ was also considered very important in order to appease the spirits of the dead.
(a) Dress.
(b) Mourning.
(c) Memorial services.
(d) Prayer.

Short Answer Questions

1. The story of Agamemnon shows how terrible acts could cause what?

2. Callisto was loved by Zeus and hated by Hera. Hera turned her into a _________ and arranged for her son to kill it.

3. How did this beautiful nymph feel about Glaucus?

4. After killing some of the Sun-god's ______________, all of Odysseus' men were punished by drowning in a storm.

5. Pelops married Princess Hippodamia after defeating her father in ____________ to win her hand.

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