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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five. The Royal House of Athens.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The story of the Trojan War was ______________ important and popular myths of the Greeks, and one which every educated Greek and Roman would have been familiar with.
(a) One of the most.
(b) The most.
(c) Not one of the most.
(d) At times one of the most.

2. Pelops then refused to honor his bribe and killed Myrtilus, who _____________.
(a) Killed Pelops' children.
(b) Poisoned Pelops.
(c) Called down a curse on his already corrupted family.
(d) Killed the princess before he died.

3. This bad luck began with Tantalus, who served up his own son at a banquet for the gods, perhaps to do what?
(a) Disgust them.
(b) Test or mock them.
(c) Confuse them.
(d) Poison them.

4. Why were the gods worshiped?
(a) Because of their power.
(b) Because of their wisdom.
(c) Because they were very convincing.
(d) Because they were loving.

5. On Perseus' return, he flew over _____________ where the maiden Andromeda was being sacrificed to a sea-monster to appease the anger of the sea-god and his nymphs.
(a) Arabia.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Ethiopia.
(d) Siam.

Short Answer Questions

1. These two sisters had __________ nieces.

2. ____________ was the goddess of love, who was said to have been born from the foam of the sea.

3. On Circe's island the men were turned into what?

4. The Roman poet ________ wrote a lot about the myths, but presented them as silly stories that held no inner meaning.

5. One of the earliest kings was _______________, who ruled at the time Demeter brought agriculture to earth.

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