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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five. The House of Atreus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Odysseus alone survived and washed up on the shore of the island of ______________, where a sea-nymph who kept him captive for years.
(a) Conga.
(b) Caliente.
(c) Caliope.
(d) Calypso.

2. What turned crimson in honor of Pyramus and Thisbe's great love?
(a) The white strawberries.
(b) The white mulberry berries.
(c) The white poinsettia leaves.
(d) The white apple.

3. Who composed the Odyssey?
(a) The Roman bard Plato.
(b) The Roman bard Homer.
(c) The Greek bard Plato.
(d) The Greek bard Homer.

4. Theseus was honored by the Athenians as a protector of _____________ and a great king of their city.
(a) The defenseless.
(b) The sick.
(c) Children.
(d) The poor.

5. When they reached home, Medea helped Jason take revenge on whom?
(a) Phanocles, his mother's murderer .
(b) Phemonoe, his brother's murderer.
(c) Pelias, his father's murderer.
(d) Polyeidosis, his sister's murderer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Odysseus' journey home to Ithaca took him ______ years, and he faced many fierce monsters and dangerous people along the way.

2. What happened when Venus gave Psyche a series of impossible tasks?

3. The behavior of the Greek gods reflects the Greek attitude towards the beauty and perfection of _______.

4. This story is very different from the other myths in the book for ____________ reasons.

5. The abduction of Helen began a _____ year war between Greece and Troy, with many heroes on both sides.

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