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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three. The Great Heroes before the Trojan War - Perseus, Theseus, Hercules and Atalanta.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Theseus saved Athens from the cruelty of _______________, who demanded a tribute of seven maidens and seven young men every nine years to feed to the Minotaur.
(a) King Mimnermus of Crete.
(b) King Midas of Crete.
(c) King Moschus of Crete.
(d) King Minos of Crete.

2. How did the Greek gods act?
(a) Very kindly.
(b) In a very human manner.
(c) In a very god-like manner.
(d) In a very odd manner.

3. How is the creation myth of the Greeks peculiar?
(a) The gods were not kind to mankind.
(b) The gods are more powerful than man.
(c) The gods did not create the universe or the world.
(d) The gods had different personalities.

4. According to the Greeks, in the beginning there was only __________.
(a) Light.
(b) God.
(c) Chaos.
(d) Darkness.

5. Why did the Greeks create their myths, initially?
(a) As a way of understanding the heavens.
(b) As a way of understanding the world.
(c) As a way of teaching moral lessons.
(d) As a way of connecting to the gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cupid became Psyche's husband, but she was instructed that she must never _______.

2. On Perseus' return, he flew over _____________ where the maiden Andromeda was being sacrificed to a sea-monster to appease the anger of the sea-god and his nymphs.

3. Why was Venus jealous of Psyche?

4. When Zeus was born, what did Cronus' wife Rhea do?

5. Zeus imprisoned the Titans and forced _______ to hold up the sky.

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