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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two. The Quest of the Golden Fleece, and Four Great Adventures.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ________________ was the goddess of marriage and women.
(a) Hera/Juno.
(b) Poseidon/Neptune.
(c) Zeus/Jupiter.
(d) Hades/Pluto.

2. Pygmalion fell in love with the statue of a woman that he had created. Venus took pity on his aching heart and turned the statue into a real, living woman. Pygmalion married her and named her ____________.
(a) Gaetulicus.
(b) Gnaeus.
(c) Gallus.
(d) Galatea.

3. Apollo (also known as Apollo to the Romans) and _________ were the children of Zeus and Leto.
(a) Aphrodite/Venus.
(b) Diana/Venus.
(c) Artemis/Aphrodite.
(d) Artemis/Diana.

4. Who was Medea?
(a) Titan's wife.
(b) Tut's neice.
(c) Nguyen's sister.
(d) Aeetes' daughter.

5. When they reached home, Medea helped Jason take revenge on whom?
(a) Polyeidosis, his sister's murderer.
(b) Pelias, his father's murderer.
(c) Phemonoe, his brother's murderer.
(d) Phanocles, his mother's murderer .

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Venus jealous of Psyche?

2. Phaёthon was the son of the Sun-god ____________.

3. Jason was the hero who set out to retrieve the Golden Fleece from whom?

4. How does Medea save herself and Jason from the huge bronze man Talus?

5. What happened when King Minos locked this inventor up in his own labyrinth?

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