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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four. The Adventures of Aeneas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cupid became Psyche's husband, but she was instructed that she must never _______.
(a) Kiss him.
(b) Touch him.
(c) Speak his name.
(d) Look upon him.

2. _______________ was the goddess of wisdom, and protector of cities and civilization.
(a) Diana/Minerva.
(b) Artemis/Diana.
(c) Athena/Minerva.
(d) Athena/Diana.

3. Endymion was a shepherd who was loved by the Moon goddess __________.
(a) Selene.
(b) Serenus.
(c) Severus.
(d) Sabinus.

4. How does Medea save herself and Jason from the huge bronze man Talus?
(a) By hiding them in an enchanted tree.
(b) By calling for her mother.
(c) By calling the hounds of Hades to help.
(d) By tricking Talus.

5. This story is very different from the other myths in the book for ____________ reasons.
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Several.
(d) Very few.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a Trojan prince called Paris was asked to judge a beauty contest between three goddesses, who bribed him with the offer of the most beautiful woman in the world?

2. How was Achilles killed by Paris?

3. ____________ was the god of light, archery, music, culture, healing, and prophecy.

4. Queen __________ welcomed Aeneas' group.

5. After escaping from Troy, Aeneas traveled with whom to find a new home?

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