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Lesson 1 (from Introduction to Classical Mythology)


Introduction to Classical Mythology

Introduction to Classical Mythology gives an overview of the chapter and the purpose of the book. This lesson will discuss this overview and purpose.


1) Class Discussion: Summarize this first chapter.

2) Small Group Activity: How does this chapter prepare you for the rest of the book? What information found in this chapter might be important for later? Why?

3) Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. Create a KWL chart listing what you know about Greek and Roman mythology and what you would like to know. As you read this book, add what you have learned about Greek and Roman mythology.

4) Individual Activity: Research a specific god or goddess. Describe him or her. In what myths can he or she be found? Why? Does he or she fit the author's description of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses? Why or why not?

5) Class Discussion...

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