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Short Answer Questions

1. According to "The Form and the Concept" what is the second term of the system in Freud?

2. "Myth is not defined by _____." How is this quote from "Myth is a Type of Speech" finished?

3. How does "Myth as Stolen Language" conclude?

4. In "Reading and Deciphering Myth" the author says the saluting soldier used as a reference in other sections is an example of what?

5. In "The Great Family of Men," what is "The Family of Men" the author discusses?

Short Essay Questions

1. What allows the reader of "Reading and Deciphering Myth" to consume myth innocently?

2. In "Myth is a Type of Speech" what does the author say that myth is? What does he say that a form of speech is?

3. Does the author admit there are revolts against the bourgeois ideology in "The Bourgeoisie as a Joint-Stock Company"? What is it called?

4. How must one understand the term "political" in "Myth is Depoliticized Speech"?

5. In myth, what is the tri-dimensional pattern described by the author in "Myth as a Semiological System?" What is the title the author gives to the system that existed before the myth?

6. How does the author suggest that myth seeks after him (or you or I) in "The Signification"?

7. What is semiology?

8. What is "the inoculation"?

9. Why does the author believe cars have become the modern equivalent of Gothic cathedrals in "The New Citroen"?

10. In "The Form and the Concept," how is it the author suggests the signifier of myth is presented?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the themes of Jules Verne. How does his writing mirror man's habits, processes and attitudes? How doesn't it?

Essay Topic 2

How can photography be used in elections? How are people manipulated through this process?

Essay Topic 3

How is mythology vital to people? How is it vital to language? Why is mythology important to study?

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