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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ultimately, what is the destiny of the writers in the magazine article mentioned in "Novels and Children"?
(a) Write for their children.
(b) Produce children.
(c) Write what is natural.
(d) What what is best for their children.

2. Who is "the holiday" a product for?
(a) Blue collar workers.
(b) All people.
(c) The bourgeoisie class.
(d) Non-royals.

3. What river is referenced in the first sentence of "The Writer on Holiday?"
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Amazon.
(c) Congo.
(d) Thames.

4. In "Wine and Milk," what is the opposite of wine?
(a) Juice.
(b) Milk.
(c) Water.
(d) Beer.

5. Which Saint is the Abbe said to be dressed up as in "The Iconography of the Abbe Pierre"?
(a) Luke.
(b) Francis.
(c) Patrick.
(d) Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two organizations are referred to in "Operation Margarine"?

2. What is the second sign in "The Romans in Films"?

3. What sort of reality does the author say of inventiveness in "Ornamental Cooking"?

4. In "The Nautilus and the Drunken Boat," the ship is a symbol of what?

5. What is the first sign of "The Romans in Films"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How can bourgeois toys be be recognized?

2. What does the author note is the difference between cartoons and photographs of Einstein? What is the significance of Einstein being featured in cartoons?

3. What are "Toys," according to the author?

4. What does the author compare Garbo's makeup to? What male personality is she compared to?

5. Why are the "Ornamental Cookery" images in Elle magazine put fourth in vain?

6. How was Dominici convicted of his crime in "Dominici, or the Triumph of Literature"?

7. What is the sexist irony of "Novels and Children"?

8. What is the literature of repletion in "Dominici, or the Triumph of Literature"? What does it lead to?

9. What is the function of wrestling according to "The World of Wrestling?" What does the author contrast this to? Why is this the function of wrestling?

10. How is the opening claim in "Neither-Nor Criticism" that "criticism must be 'neither a parlour game, nor a municipal service'" affect the remainder of the article?

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