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1. What is the function of wrestling according to "The World of Wrestling?" What does the author contrast this to? Why is this the function of wrestling?

In "The World of Wrestling," the function of the wrestler isn't winning but instead acting out expected and exaggerated motions. This contrasts with judo, which is far more graceful and purposeful. Wrestling exists solely for the spectators.

2. How is fairness apart of wrestling?

In wrestling, fairness is a role or a genre. It is similar to that of the theater. Fairness is alluded to, and the audience believes it is observing it, however in actuality it is simply the appearance of fairness and nothing more.

3. What are the two signs that are discussed in "The Romans in Films?" What do they suggest of Roman and modern culture?

The two signs the author discusses in "The Romans in Films" are hair-styles and sweat. These signs create a superficial image of our opinion of the Romans, and thus ourselves.

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