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Your Personality

Which essay in "Mythologies" is most closely related to you; what you believe and represent? Write a short essay of your own about this.

Myth of Your Own

What myth did Barthes overlook? Write your own essay about this myth or object, in your best Barthes-like writing.

Roland Barthes

Who was he? Research his life to better understand his point of view.


In the essay "Toys," the author condemns modern toys; their implications and materials. Pretend you are the president of a toy company, coming out with a product line that is "Barthes-friendly." Describe this line of toys.

The Jet-Man

Write a short story about being a jet-man. Is there as much pressure as Barthes makes it seem like there would be? Do the extraordinary aspects of the job outweigh this human stress? Create a vivid character.

Traveling Without a Blue-Guide

Pretend you are backpacking...

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