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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does O'Connor say acts as a middleman between readers and writers?

2. O'Connor mentions instances where parents from what state object to their child's reading assignments?

3. What must a writer's moral sense coincide with?

4. What part of Catholicism does O'Connor say should help a person penetrate realities?

5. According to O'Connor, what does the fiction writer seem to have a revolting attachment to?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does O'Connor say she believes fiction should be taught?

2. What does O'Connor say should be the result of the proper study of literature?

3. What story does O'Connor tell at the beginning of "Catholic Novelists and Their Readers"?

4. When does O'Connor say the greatest dramas occur?

5. What does O'Connor mean when she says that writers should heed the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas?

6. Why might a Catholic writer have to include more violence in his work than he is comfortable with?

7. What does O'Connor say to those who say that Catholics are too restrained by their rigorous Catholic education to write creatively?

8. How does O'Connor say that fiction writers and English teachers have common ground?

9. What does O'Connor say about "The Foundling" written by Cardinal Spellman?

10. Why does O'Connor say the Protestant South is a good place for Catholic writers to write?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore O'Connor's view that writers should veer away from abstract concepts. What is her stance on using symbols in fiction? When do they work? What is the problem with the way writers use them? How does O'Connor say she uses symbols? How should using symbols tie into addressing reality?

Essay Topic 2

What do you think O'Connor means when she says Southerners write about freaks because they can still recognize them? What does she mean when she talks about the "whole man"? How does this tie into the idea that Southerners tend to be grotesque-style writers? What does she seem to mean when she uses the term "freak?"

Essay Topic 3

Explore O'Connor's feelings about the peahen. What does she seem to admire about the female birds? Why do you think her admiration of them is so brief? What does her admiration of the female birds seem to represent?

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