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Short Answer Questions

1. O'Connor says the Catholic reader forgets that there is a similarity between the sentimental and what?

2. O'Connor says that it is not fair to demand that novelists be what kind of novelists at the end of "The Teaching of Literature"?

3. When does O'Connor say humanity lost its innocence?

4. In what month did O'Connor present materials from "The Church and the Fiction Writer" during a talk at a college?

5. Whose pig does not know what bacon is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might a Catholic novelist feel angst about being both a Catholic and a fiction writer?

2. When does O'Connor say the greatest dramas occur?

3. How does O'Connor say that fiction writers and English teachers have common ground?

4. What does O'Connor say to those who say that Catholics are too restrained by their rigorous Catholic education to write creatively?

5. What does O'Connor say about "The Foundling" written by Cardinal Spellman?

6. How does O'Connor respond to the idea that there is a lack of good Catholic writing in America?

7. How does O'Connor feel about bestseller lists?

8. How does O'Connor feel about literature being taught by way of psychology?

9. What does O'Connor say should be the result of the proper study of literature?

10. How did John Hersey defend his book "A Bell for Adano" in a letter to the Georgia state school superintendent?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the idea that Catholic writers use violence as a way to get their point across. What does O'Connor feel might happen if a Catholic writer goes too far in using shocking techniques to make the secular reader understand? What is her advice to the Catholic writer who considers indulging in pornography or sentimentality in their writing?

Essay Topic 2

Explore O'Connor's feelings about the peahen. What does she seem to admire about the female birds? Why do you think her admiration of them is so brief? What does her admiration of the female birds seem to represent?

Essay Topic 3

Explore O'Connor's view of English teachers. What does O'Connor say their job is, in regards to helping students understand literature? Why does O'Connor say that English teachers are avoiding teaching English? What methods does she talk about that teachers use? What is the problem with these methods?

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