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Short Answer Questions

1. O'Connor presented materials from "The Church and the Fiction Writer" during a talk at what college?

2. Who does O'Connor believe should do the evangelizing?

3. O'Connor says the Catholic reader forgets that there is a similarity between the sentimental and what?

4. According to O'Connor, what does the fiction writer seem to have a revolting attachment to?

5. When does O'Connor say humanity lost its innocence?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does O'Connor say should be the result of the proper study of literature?

2. How does O'Connor respond to the idea that there is a lack of good Catholic writing in America?

3. What does O'Connor say about being specific in her writing?

4. How does O'Connor say she believes fiction should be taught?

5. Why is the fiction writer vulnerable to public criticism?

6. What does O'Connor say about absolutes in fiction, particularly religious fiction?

7. What does O'Connor mean when she says that writers should heed the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas?

8. What does O'Connor say about her book when she reviews it for class?

9. How does O'Connor feel about literature being taught by way of psychology?

10. When does O'Connor say the greatest dramas occur?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the idea that Catholic writers use violence as a way to get their point across. What does O'Connor feel might happen if a Catholic writer goes too far in using shocking techniques to make the secular reader understand? What is her advice to the Catholic writer who considers indulging in pornography or sentimentality in their writing?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the benefits O'Connor says come from being a Georgia writer. What limitations might be established by calling oneself a Georgia writer? What do you think O'Connor means when she says the limitations are a gateway to reality? How does regionalism relate to reality? What does she say about writers who have a sense of community?

Essay Topic 3

What does O'Connor mean when she says it is the business of fiction to embody mystery and manners? What does she mean when she talks of manners? Of mystery? How does a writer figure out what their mystery and manners are? How does O'Connor find her mystery and manners? How do mystery and manners work together to create interesting fiction? How does regionalism tie into mystery and manners?

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