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Short Answer Questions

1. In which novel does O'Connor say all its sentences could be examined with wonder?

2. Which writer did Henry James say does things in the way that take the most doing?

3. About how long did the telephone repairman wait to see a peacock strut?

4. How did the old man respond when his children asked him what O'Connor's peacock was?

5. Where did O'Connor see the ad for her first peafowl?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does O'Connor mean when she says a writer must find his location in order to do his best work?

2. How does O'Connor feel about people trying to analyze her work?

3. What dream did O'Connor have at the end of "The King of the Birds"?

4. What is the gist of an editorial written to Life magazine regarding writers?

5. What observations does O'Connor make about the student manuscripts she read?

6. What does O'Connor say about the Manicheans in "The Nature and Aim of Fiction"?

7. What does O'Connor say about those who have the gift for writing?

8. Why does O'Connor believe that Christian writers will best be able to discern the grotesque?

9. How does O'Connor feel about the fiction writer using symbols?

10. Why did the man who sold fence posts get rid of his peafowl?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does O'Connor mean when she says it is the business of fiction to embody mystery and manners? What does she mean when she talks of manners? Of mystery? How does a writer figure out what their mystery and manners are? How does O'Connor find her mystery and manners? How do mystery and manners work together to create interesting fiction? How does regionalism tie into mystery and manners?

Essay Topic 2

Explore O'Connor's view of English teachers. What does O'Connor say their job is, in regards to helping students understand literature? Why does O'Connor say that English teachers are avoiding teaching English? What methods does she talk about that teachers use? What is the problem with these methods?

Essay Topic 3

How does she propose that teachers teach literature? How does she go about proposing this? What is her tone? Does she flesh out her ideas enough for teachers to put them into practice? Do you think her suggestions would work in practice? Why or why not? Use examples from the text to support your answer.

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