Mystery and Manners; Occasional Prose Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did a photographer visit O'Connor when she was a young girl?

A photographer visited young O'Connor to take a photo of her chicken that could walk forward and backward. The chicken's fame had spread across the coast.

2. How did the peafowl feel about O'Connor after nine years?

The peafowl's feelings about O'Connor had not changed after nine years. They only paid attention to her when she had food to feed them.

3. How does O'Connor feel about the peahens?

O'Connor sometimes thinks the peahens are more attractive than the peacocks. She admires their subtlety, and she thinks they are more refined. However, these feelings are fleeting.

4. How did the peacock react when a telephone repairman tried to get him to strut?

The peacock ignored the repairman when he chased the peacock, trying to get him to strut. The peacock started strutting As soon as the man began to drive away.

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