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The King of the Birds

• As a young girl, Flannery O'Connor was visited by a newspaper photographer from New York who wanted to film her chicken that could walk both forward and backward.

• O'Connor began collecting chickens, and even made clothes for some of the birds.
• O'Connor's drive to collect birds ended in the ultimate collection of a flock of peacocks.

• The first peacock ordered arrived on the train with a cock, a hen, and four pea biddies.

• The birds showed no interest in O'Connor until she appeared with food.
• Over the years, O'Connor's flock of peacocks expanded.

• O'Connor never tired of watching the birds or staring at their beauty, even the hens that were not colorful like the males.
• The flock of peacocks drew much attention from the people in the area.

• Most people appreciated the beauty and dignity of the birds but did not understand their...

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