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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who proposes to Lena several times?
(a) The Polish violin teacher
(b) Colonel Raleigh
(c) Gaston Cleric
(d) Jim

2. Who does Jim hold responsible for Wick Cutter's negative actions?
(a) Antonia
(b) His grandmother
(c) Cutter
(d) Krajiek

3. Who is suspicious of Jim's visits to Lena?
(a) The Polish violin teacher
(b) Antonia
(c) His grandparents
(d) Gaston Cleric

4. Which of the girls arrives at the river first?
(a) Antonia
(b) Tiny
(c) Anna
(d) Lena

5. Who does Cuzak credit with the success of their farm?
(a) His children
(b) Antonia
(c) Ambrosch
(d) Himself

6. What became of Antonia's marriage to Larry Donovan?
(a) He left her with a baby.
(b) He refused to marry her.
(c) Antonia left Donovan because he was unfaithful.
(d) Larry Donovan died.

7. With whom is Wick Cutter constantly in conflict?
(a) Krajiek
(b) Grandfather Burden
(c) His wife
(d) Mrs. Shimerda

8. What is the connection between Jim and Virgil?
(a) They both speak Greek.
(b) They both appreciate beautiful women.
(c) They both revere small towns.
(d) They are both poets.

9. According to Mrs. Steavens, why did Antonia come to her home each evening before getting married?
(a) To earn extra money
(b) To plan her wedding
(c) To sew for her marriage
(d) To ask for marital advice

10. What does Ambrosch give Antonia when she leaves to marry Donovan?
(a) His blessing
(b) Nothing
(c) Family heirlooms
(d) Money

11. According to Antonia, how did her father and mother meet?
(a) Her father worked for her mother's family.
(b) They attended a dance together.
(c) They attended the same church.
(d) Her mother worked for her father's family.

12. How does Wick Cutter react when he finds Jim in his home?
(a) He knows Jim is trying to protect Antonia.
(b) He throws him out of the house.
(c) He beats him.
(d) He demands to see Antonia.

13. Where does Jim say he feels the most at home?
(a) In the pastures
(b) At his grandparents' old farm
(c) At Antonia's farm
(d) In Black Hawk

14. Why does Antonia not ask Larry Donovan for a civil marriage?
(a) She believes he will see how wonderful she is to him and will eventually marry her in a church.
(b) She does not believe in civil marriage.
(c) She is just happy to be with him and does not feel the need to be married.
(d) She does not want to upset him.

15. Where does Jim go on his only break during the summer?
(a) To collect elder with Antonia and her friends
(b) To visit Mr. Shimerda's grave
(c) To visit the Shimerdas
(d) To visit friends in Virginia

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim tell Antonia's children about their mother when she was younger?

2. Where do Jim and Lena often go together in Lincoln?

3. Who does Jim invite on a hunting trip in the Fall?

4. Who does Jim's grandmother send to stay in the Cutter's house in place of Antonia?

5. What do Antonia and Jim's grandmother discover when they return to the Cutter home to pack up Antonia's belongings?

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