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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gaston Cleric suggest that Jim accompany him to Harvard?
(a) Jim has become distracted from his studies by Lena.
(b) Cleric needs assistance teaching a class.
(c) They can both take classes at Harvard.
(d) The two can use Harvard's library to study the classics.

2. What does Jim plan on studying after graduating Harvard?
(a) Law
(b) Farming
(c) History
(d) Literature

3. Why does Jim say Gaston Cleric "narrowly missed being a great poet?"
(a) He is well versed in Greek.
(b) He knows all of the classic works of literature.
(c) He speaks poetically when excited.
(d) He is a talented writer.

4. Who does Antonia eventually marry?
(a) Anton Jelinek
(b) Jim
(c) Anton Jelinek's cousin
(d) Larry Donovan

5. Who does Jim see as the inspiration for all poetry?
(a) Country girls
(b) Farmland
(c) Small towns
(d) City girls

6. What does Jim tell the girls is evidence that the Spanish settled in Nebraska?
(a) Spanish coins found in the area
(b) The presence of the Spanish language
(c) A Spanish sword found in the area
(d) Spanish horses.

7. Where do Jim and Lena often go together in Lincoln?
(a) To theatre shows
(b) To dinner
(c) On long walks
(d) To Lena's dress shop

8. How does Antonia react when Jim kisses her?
(a) She is confused.
(b) She becomes angry.
(c) She is delighted.
(d) She is uncomfortable.

9. What does Wick Cutter do before leaving for Omaha that Grandmother Burden finds suspicious?
(a) He asks Antonia to stay with her family.
(b) He kisses Antonia.
(c) He tells Antonia he is leaving his wife.
(d) He places a box of silver and papers under Antonia's bed.

10. Who does Jim realize he wants to see again?
(a) Tiny
(b) Ambrosch
(c) Lena
(d) Antonia

11. What becomes Antonia's primary preoccupation once she begins working for the Cutters?
(a) Mr. Cutter's comfort
(b) Making money
(c) Living a moral life
(d) Attending dances and having a social life

12. Who does Antonia say will always be a part of her life?
(a) Her father and Jim
(b) Jim
(c) Ambrosch
(d) Her father

13. Where does Tiny open her hotel?
(a) San Francisco
(b) Black Hawk
(c) Alaska
(d) Salt Lake City

14. With whom is Wick Cutter constantly in conflict?
(a) Krajiek
(b) Grandfather Burden
(c) His wife
(d) Mrs. Shimerda

15. What is occurring on the farms when Jim goes to visit Widow Steavens?
(a) The threshing of the wheat fields
(b) The harvest of the wheat fields
(c) The baling of hay
(d) The planting of the wheat fields

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jim go after graduating from Harvard?

2. To whom does Jim dedicate his speech?

3. How does Larry Donovan's manner change when he is with women?

4. Where does Jim say he feels the most at home?

5. Who appears at Jim's door as he is contemplating Virgil's words?

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