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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4: Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Harling disapprove of Tiny Soderball?
(a) She does not like country girls.
(b) She does not approve of working women.
(c) She believes working at a hotel is inappropriate for a woman.
(d) She has a reputation for being flirtatious.

2. What is the connection between Jim and Virgil?
(a) They both appreciate beautiful women.
(b) They are both poets.
(c) They both speak Greek.
(d) They both revere small towns.

3. What does the phrase "Optima dies...prima fugit" mean?
(a) Beauty comes to small towns.
(b) The worst days are the first to flee.
(c) I shall be the first to bring the Muse to my country.
(d) The best days are the first to flee.

4. How does Tiny make her fortune?
(a) A patron at her hotel deeds his fortune to her.
(b) She inherits it from her parents.
(c) Her hotel is wildly successful.
(d) She marries a rich man.

5. What is Anton Jelinek's connection with the Shimerda family?
(a) Both are from Austria.
(b) Both are indebted to Krajiek.
(c) Both are Bohemian.
(d) Both live in Black Hawk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What impact do the dances in Black Hawk have on the townspeople?

2. Who is suspicious of Jim's visits to Lena?

3. Which of the following does NOT characterize Jim's grandparents?

4. Where does Lena tell Jim that Antonia is now working?

5. How does Antonia react to the dances in town?

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