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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4: Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonia tell Jim about her father when she and her mother come to visit the Burdens after the winter thaw?
(a) Her father does not love her mother.
(b) Her father used to be a violinist.
(c) Her father plans to kill himself.
(d) Her father is not doing well.

2. Where does Jim go on his only break during the summer?
(a) To visit Mr. Shimerda's grave
(b) To collect elder with Antonia and her friends
(c) To visit friends in Virginia
(d) To visit the Shimerdas

3. What is Jim constantly reminded of during his time at the university?
(a) Mr. Shimerda's death
(b) His love for Antonia
(c) His inadequate public school education
(d) Life on his grandparents' farm

4. What does Wick Cutter do before leaving for Omaha that Grandmother Burden finds suspicious?
(a) He tells Antonia he is leaving his wife.
(b) He kisses Antonia.
(c) He places a box of silver and papers under Antonia's bed.
(d) He asks Antonia to stay with her family.

5. What does the phrase "Optima dies...prima fugit" mean?
(a) Beauty comes to small towns.
(b) The worst days are the first to flee.
(c) The best days are the first to flee.
(d) I shall be the first to bring the Muse to my country.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anton Jelinek's connection with the Shimerda family?

2. What does Otto put on the Christmas tree that attracts everyone's attention?

3. How has Mr. Harling made his money?

4. What does Jim tell Antonia he believes happened to her father's soul?

5. What do Antonia and Jim's grandmother discover when they return to the Cutter home to pack up Antonia's belongings?

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