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Ruth Ozeki
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Akiko feel as she flies toward America?
(a) Happy.
(b) Grateful.
(c) Confident.
(d) Optimistic.

2. How did Akiko and Jane begin their connection?
(a) A phone call.
(b) Through a reality television show.
(c) Through losing a baby.
(d) Through email.

3. A short while later, what is Akiko able to get on her own?
(a) A new apartment of her own.
(b) A new job.
(c) A new husband.
(d) A house.

4. Of the two new families Jane picks, what is one of the husband's professions?
(a) He owns a slaughterhouse.
(b) He owns a farm and a slaughterhouse.
(c) He owns a feedlot.
(d) He owns a farm.

5. Why does she wait until the last minute to give it to John's office?
(a) She thinks they will edit the show.
(b) She is afraid they will not air the show.
(c) She thinks they will hate the show.
(d) She thinks they will fire her for the show.

6. To whom does Bunny show Jane's documentary?
(a) John Dunn.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Gale Dunn.
(d) Her daughter.

7. What does a kind nurse suggest about Akiko's injuries?
(a) She realizes that Akiko has an eating disorder.
(b) She knows that Akiko is sad in her life.
(c) She knows that Akiko's husband beat her.
(d) She has inflicted them on herself.

8. How does Nurse Tomoko help Akiko?
(a) She helps her change her appearance.
(b) She gives her money to go to America.
(c) She helps deliver her baby.
(d) She gets the doctor to extend her stay at the hospital.

9. How does the reader feel toward Jane and her child?
(a) Sad.
(b) Confused.
(c) Frightened.
(d) Uncomfortable.

10. What does Bunny allow the crew to do?
(a) Film Gale naked.
(b) Film Rose's naked body.
(c) Film Rose fully clothed.
(d) Film Gale fully clothed.

11. While Jane's personal life is becoming very happy, what is happening to her career?
(a) It is spinning out of control.
(b) She will have to change careers soon.
(c) It is also going well.
(d) It is coasting and no improvements have been made.

12. Because of the two new shows, what could Jane lose?
(a) Her film maker's license.
(b) Her savings.
(c) Her job.
(d) Her credibility.

13. For what does Sloan say he will give Jane money?
(a) Getting an abortion.
(b) Getting a plane ticket to see him.
(c) Going to the doctor.
(d) Having the baby.

14. How does Akiko get even with John?
(a) She kills him.
(b) She tells everyone he knows about the abuse.
(c) She takes all the money out of her and John's bank account.
(d) She exposes him for the alcoholic and drunk he is.

15. Unfortunately for Rose, side effects of estrogen poisoning leave her with ___________.
(a) Disfiguring overdevelopment.
(b) Hairy body parts.
(c) A growth spurt.
(d) Masculine qualities.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jane find in the trash?

2. What happens to the show?

3. How does Akiko think to seduce him?

4. Why does Akiko bite her husband?

5. What is Jane then able to do?

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