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Ruth Ozeki
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Unfortunately for Rose, side effects of estrogen poisoning leave her with ___________.
(a) Masculine qualities.
(b) Hairy body parts.
(c) Disfiguring overdevelopment.
(d) A growth spurt.

2. What happens to the ratings?
(a) They drop.
(b) They go higher.
(c) They increase a little.
(d) There is no increase.

3. What is Jane then able to do?
(a) Sell her documentary to a British company.
(b) Create a new documentary.
(c) Retire.
(d) Sell pieces of her documentary to news outlets.

4. Of the two new families Jane picks, what is one of the husband's professions?
(a) He owns a slaughterhouse.
(b) He owns a farm and a slaughterhouse.
(c) He owns a farm.
(d) He owns a feedlot.

5. What does John do in retaliation?
(a) He rapes Akiko.
(b) He smacks Akiko's face.
(c) He beats and rapes Akiko.
(d) He kills Akiko.

6. To what other risks has Rose Dunn been exposed?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Her brother's wrath.
(c) Lead poisoning.
(d) Diabetes.

7. Where is Akiko able to find acceptance?
(a) From her husband.
(b) From Lara.
(c) From Jane and Jane's friends.
(d) From her new baby.

8. Why is Jane arrested in Montana?
(a) Her crew does not have work visas.
(b) They think her group is a Mexican terrorist group.
(c) They think it is suspicious for so many Japanese people to travel together.
(d) She is driving illegally.

9. Despite their diverse backgrounds, in what way are Jane and Akiko alike?
(a) Their love of life.
(b) Being young.
(c) Being survivors
(d) Their quest for life.

10. What does the reader hope will happen for Akiko?
(a) She will be able to escape.
(b) She will expose John for the wife beater and abuser he is.
(c) She will get rid of John.
(d) She will go to her family for protection.

11. In America, what does Akiko think she will do?
(a) She will find relatives with whom to stay.
(b) She will go to California.
(c) She thinks she will start her life over again.
(d) She will go back to her husband.

12. What does Jane learn when she wakes up?
(a) She will have to stay at the hospital.
(b) She has food poisoning.
(c) The baby might be delayed developmentally.
(d) She has lost the baby.

13. What is the knockout tank?
(a) Where they hit people who know too much.
(b) Where they hit the cows over the head and then slice their necks.
(c) Where boxers meet.
(d) Where people who have dispustes duke it out.

14. What does Jane find in the trash?
(a) Cow parts.
(b) A vial of Lutalyse.
(c) Chicken parts.
(d) A container of lard.

15. While at the farm, about what does Jane become worried?
(a) The life of her unborn child.
(b) The crew's safety.
(c) Sloan's reaction to her actions.
(d) Rose's safety.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bunny allow the crew to do?

2. Why does she wait until the last minute to give it to John's office?

3. Because of the two new shows, what could Jane lose?

4. What changes Jane's attitude about the baby?

5. A short while later, what is Akiko able to get on her own?

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