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Ruth Ozeki
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jane feel guilty?
(a) She feels like a hypocrite.
(b) She hates making fun of people behind their backs.
(c) Because of the way things ended with Suzie.
(d) She misses home.

2. What would Jane like to film of which Ms. Helen is a part?
(a) Her church services.
(b) Her wedding ceremony.
(c) Her daughter's communion.
(d) Her son's baptism.

3. What happened to the Bukowskys' daughter, Christina?
(a) She was killed in a bike accident.
(b) She was hit by a car and left in a coma.
(c) She was injured skiing.
(d) She hurt herself in a bus crash.

4. What type of wives must Jane find?
(a) Kind American women.
(b) Single women.
(c) Wholesome American housewives.
(d) Only wives with kids.

5. What does Jane find the criteria for the show to be?
(a) Racist.
(b) Weird.
(c) Challenging.
(d) Annoying.

6. Who does Jane try to show throughout much of the shows?
(a) American abnormalities.
(b) American greed.
(c) American minorities.
(d) American gluttony.

7. In Japan, with what is Akiko bored?
(a) Seeing all the same society ladies.
(b) Trying to write an article about pregnancy.
(c) Trying to have a baby.
(d) Traveling with her husband.

8. What does she promise to send to the first wife?
(a) A tape of the show.
(b) A care basket from the network.
(c) Money for appearing on the show.
(d) A letter from the producer.

9. Why did the FDA outlaw the drug?
(a) Because young women were getting pregnant.
(b) Because young men were getting pregnant.
(c) Because men had similar reactions as Purcell.
(d) Because women became sick.

10. What does the end of each episode of My American Wife! have?
(a) A Where Are They Now section.
(b) Sociological survey.
(c) The wife lists her favorite recipes.
(d) A recap with the wife.

11. While at a German house in Oklahoma, what happens to the director?
(a) He eats meat that still has the remnants of antibiotics and has an allergic reaction.
(b) He trips and breaks both of his legs.
(c) He eats bad eggs and gets sick for the remainder of the shoot.
(d) His wife is very sick so he must go home.

12. After the doctor's visit, what does John do to Akiko?
(a) He pushes her resulting in a gash.
(b) He tries to seduce her.
(c) He wants to be with her.
(d) He is very kind to her.

13. On what will the show focus?
(a) The couple's two children.
(b) The couple's interesting home.
(c) How the couple met and their decision to adopt.
(d) The couple's different races.

14. Why does she decide not to send this item?
(a) The wife did a bad job on the show.
(b) It shows the wife in a bad light.
(c) The care basket was never sent from the network.
(d) The producer forgot to write the letter.

15. What is the only good thing about the visit to the doctor and the resulting fight with her husband?
(a) She gets to go see her family.
(b) Akiko gets to stay locked up in her apartment until the wounds heal.
(c) She is able to hide from John.
(d) Akiko becomes very sad.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the prayers part of the church ceremony, what happens to John?

2. What gives Jane the advantage to create the show?

3. What does Ms. Helen want to make for the show?

4. Who else has the drug affected?

5. Jane decides to go out drinking so that she will not have to think about the interview with Ms. Helen. What happens after the interview?

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