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Ruth Ozeki
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the first wife on the show?
(a) Susan Flounders.
(b) Suzie Flowers.
(c) Susan Flandary.
(d) Suzie Flows.

2. Where is the next place that Sloan and Jane meet?
(a) Fly, Oregon.
(b) Portland, Oregon.
(c) San Francisco, CA.
(d) Seattle, Washington.

3. What is the only good thing about the visit to the doctor and the resulting fight with her husband?
(a) She gets to go see her family.
(b) Akiko gets to stay locked up in her apartment until the wounds heal.
(c) Akiko becomes very sad.
(d) She is able to hide from John.

4. Why does she decide not to send this item?
(a) The producer forgot to write the letter.
(b) The care basket was never sent from the network.
(c) The wife did a bad job on the show.
(d) It shows the wife in a bad light.

5. About whom does Jane hope to make an episode of My American Wife!?
(a) A Native American family.
(b) A Hispanic family.
(c) An African American family.
(d) A Greek family.

6. As a result of the doctor visit, what has happened to John?
(a) He has become a compassionate man.
(b) He wants to divorce his wife.
(c) He has fallen deeper in love with his wife.
(d) He wants to make a baby.

7. What does this make up cause for her?
(a) Allows her to be very informed concerning the two cultures.
(b) Some sort of culture shock as she moves between the two.
(c) She is only connected to one culture.
(d) She loves her different parents.

8. Why does John throw the lamb chops across the room?
(a) He hates pork.
(b) He is mad that Jane had the show air a pork dish.
(c) He is just angry at life.
(d) He is mad that Akiko cooked the dish.

9. What was Akiko's job prior to getting married?
(a) A reporter.
(b) A school teacher.
(c) Worked for a manga publisher.
(d) She was a nanny.

10. What happened to Purcell while he worked at a chicken factory?
(a) He lost his hand.
(b) His feet grew bigger.
(c) He went blind.
(d) He grew breasts and his voice changed.

11. Why does Akiko's husband wish for her to gain weight?
(a) So that she would be happier.
(b) She has gotten too skinny.
(c) So that she will be curvier.
(d) So that they can have children.

12. As Jane leaves the first wife in her bedroom, how does she feel?
(a) Really sorry for her.
(b) She thinks the woman is pathetic.
(c) Angry with her.
(d) Hurt that she was betrayed.

13. What gives Jane the advantage to create the show?
(a) She is a housewife.
(b) She is very smart.
(c) She is a woman.
(d) Her dual ethnicities.

14. Who surprises Jane by showing up at the shoot?
(a) Akiko.
(b) Sloan.
(c) Suzie.
(d) John Uneo.

15. What else upsets Akiko's husband?
(a) Her attitude as she watches the show.
(b) Her answers to the My American Wife! questionnaire.
(c) Her presence.
(d) The mistakes she makes everyday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the FDA outlaw the drug?

2. What is the name of the reality show?

3. What is the correct name of Jane Takagi-Little's position?

4. Why does John yell at Akiko after she is finished crying in the bathroom?

5. What happened to the Bukowskys' daughter, Christina?

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