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Ruth Ozeki
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is diethylstilbestrol or DES hormone?
(a) A drug for older people.
(b) A hormone for chickens.
(c) A drug for young people.
(d) A hormone given to cows.

2. Jane decides to go out drinking so that she will not have to think about the interview with Ms. Helen. What happens after the interview?
(a) John tries to kiss her.
(b) John tries to make her quit the job.
(c) John tries to rape her.
(d) John tries to hit her.

3. Why does Akiko's husband wish for her to gain weight?
(a) So that she would be happier.
(b) She has gotten too skinny.
(c) So that they can have children.
(d) So that she will be curvier.

4. Why is Jane afraid to talk to Sloan?
(a) Their relationship is too casual to tell him about the baby.
(b) He will hate her.
(c) She knows he will feel trapped.
(d) She thinks he will think she planned a pregnancy.

5. What will this TV show hopefully make others do?
(a) Go to the mall more.
(b) Buy less meat.
(c) Buy more meat.
(d) Create their own items.

6. What is one of the more personal questions that ruins the first wife's life?
(a) Have you ever had an extramarital affair?
(b) Have you ever had plastic surgery?
(c) Would you ever leave your husband?
(d) Have you ever lied to your husband.

7. With what is John growing more and more dissatisfied?
(a) His own feelings for Jane.
(b) His wife's actions.
(c) Jane's choice of families to be on the show.
(d) Jane's clothing.

8. During the prayers part of the church ceremony, what happens to John?
(a) He refuses to pray.
(b) He leaves.
(c) He gives himself up to prayers.
(d) He feels very, very uncomfortable.

9. Now that John will not let Akiko close the door to the bathroom, what is she losing?
(a) Her self respect.
(b) Control over her body.
(c) Control over her mind.
(d) Her will to live.

10. What two cultures make up Jane Takagi-Little?
(a) Chinese and Japanese.
(b) Japanese and American.
(c) American and Korean.
(d) Chinese and American.

11. What does Jane wish she could do with the show?
(a) Make it better.
(b) Portray the real America.
(c) Use it to further her career.
(d) Cancel it.

12. In Japan, with what is Akiko bored?
(a) Trying to write an article about pregnancy.
(b) Traveling with her husband.
(c) Trying to have a baby.
(d) Seeing all the same society ladies.

13. For what does Akiko's doctor admonish her?
(a) For not giving her husband a baby.
(b) For being depressed.
(c) For causing her own infertility.
(d) For not doing as her husband wishes.

14. What must Jane explain to her American employees?
(a) That they should move to Japan.
(b) They will be paid a lot of money.
(c) The thought process of Japanese producers.
(d) Why she was able to get this job.

15. What will help Akiko regain her fertility?
(a) Being attractive to her husband.
(b) Letting her hair grow out.
(c) Gaining weight.
(d) Taking special pills.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the correct name of Jane Takagi-Little's position?

2. With what does Akiko fall in love in this episode?

3. Unfortunately, who is trying to control Jane?

4. Where is the next place that Sloan and Jane meet?

5. What does this make up cause for her?

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