My Year of Meats Short Essay - Answer Key

Ruth Ozeki
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1. Because the author is like the novel's main character, what distinct qualities does she bring to her protagonist?

Ruth L. Ozeki is a documentarian like her main character in her first novel. As a result, the authenticity of the main character is clear, leaving the reader with a sense of reality that flows through her fictional scenarios.

2. Why is the Japanese crew having an issue filming the American couple?

They are having trouble getting an intimate shot of the couple together.

3. After the initial happiness of getting a new job, why is Jane reluctant to take the position?

The way that the Japanese are talking about Americans seems racist.

4. What gives Jane a unique view and experience about working on the show?

She is of half Japanese and half American descent. She moves through both cultures, but sometimes finds herself having culture shock.

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