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Ruth Ozeki
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, The Gods-Absent Month.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the producer calls, what is Jane wondering?
(a) How she will pay her rent.
(b) Where she will move.
(c) Where she will live.
(d) How she will pay her employees.

2. What does Ms. Helen want to make for the show?
(a) Burgers.
(b) Fried chicken.
(c) Frog legs.
(d) Chitterlings.

3. What does Bunny allow the crew to do?
(a) Film Gale fully clothed.
(b) Film Gale naked.
(c) Film Rose fully clothed.
(d) Film Rose's naked body.

4. What does Dyann send to Jane?
(a) Information on Akiko.
(b) Articles she has written about the beef insudtries.
(c) Information on the chicken industries.
(d) Pictures of her and her partner.

5. What is Christina's favorite meal?
(a) Lamp Chop Chop Chops.
(b) Hallelujah Lamb Chops.
(c) Chop me Ups.
(d) Hells Chops.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Akiko think of Jane's special show?

2. Finally, what does Akiko realize about a baby?

3. What does she promise to send to the first wife?

4. During the first few months of the show, what happens to Jane?

5. With what is John growing more and more dissatisfied?

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