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Ruth Ozeki
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, The Water Month and Chapter 7, The Poem-Composing Month.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why had made Jane think she couldn't have children?
(a) She has had her uterus removed.
(b) She thinks she is too old.
(c) She has a precanerous condition in her cervix.
(d) She had difficulty getting pregnant.

2. Of whom is Akiko a fan?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Shonagon.
(c) Nina Warrior.
(d) The old magazine for which she wrote.

3. About whom does Jane hope to make an episode of My American Wife!?
(a) A Hispanic family.
(b) A Greek family.
(c) An African American family.
(d) A Native American family.

4. Who else has the drug affected?
(a) The organs of chickens.
(b) The organs of cows.
(c) The organs of young men.
(d) The organs of female babies.

5. What does the end of each episode of My American Wife! have?
(a) Sociological survey.
(b) A recap with the wife.
(c) The wife lists her favorite recipes.
(d) A Where Are They Now section.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ruth L. Ozeki is a ____________ like her main character in her first novel.

2. Why was diethylstilbestrol or DES given to women?

3. With what is John growing more and more dissatisfied?

4. What does Jane begin to think about her relationship with Sloan?

5. What does Jane find the criteria for the show to be?

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