Objects & Places from My Year of Meats

Ruth Ozeki
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These were sent by Jane. Jane uses this machine to communicate with characters in Japan.

Feedlot Footage

Jane takes scenes from what the My American Wife! crew shot at this place to create a small documentary. The piece is eventually sold in its entirety and in pieces to media outlets all over the world after Gale Dunn admits to the illegal use of DES.

Dyann's Articles

These are sent to Jane while she is pregnant and looking for information on the American meat industry.

Pillow Book

Shonagon, a writer in 900 Japan, wrote this. Jane was a student of Shonagon in Japan during her marriage.

Bobby Joe Creely CD

Akiko falls in love with this music from the episode of My American Wife! that features Grace and Vern from Louisiana.

Coca-Cola Roast

This is the first recipe showcased on My American Wife!, cooked by Suzie Flowers.

Beef Fudge

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