My Year of Meats Multiple Choice Test Questions

Ruth Ozeki
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Prologue and Chapter 1, The Sprouting Month

1. What is the correct name of Jane Takagi-Little's position?
(a) Loner.
(b) Documentarian.
(c) Researcher.
(d) Video researcher.

2. What two cultures make up Jane Takagi-Little?
(a) Chinese and American.
(b) Japanese and American.
(c) Chinese and Japanese.
(d) American and Korean.

3. What does this make up cause for her?
(a) She is only connected to one culture.
(b) She loves her different parents.
(c) Some sort of culture shock as she moves between the two.
(d) Allows her to be very informed concerning the two cultures.

4. What is the name of the reality show?
(a) My American Lady!
(b) My American Wife!
(c) My Japanese Wife!
(d) My Japanese Lady!

5. Why is Jane excited to get a call from a television producer?
(a) They want to by a script she wrote.
(b) They want her to produce a new movie.
(c) They are approaching her with an opportunity to work on a reality TV show.
(d) They would like her to write a script for a new movie.

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