Daily Lessons for Teaching My Year of Meats

Ruth Ozeki
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Chapter 1, The Sprouting Month)


As the book begins, the reader learns that the main character makes documentaries just as the author does. Being a filmmaker is a way to develop one's own thoughts and present them to the rest of the world. Ruth and her protagonist, Jane, use their voices as filmmakers to bring knowledge and insight to all people. This lesson explores the role and message of documentarians.


1. Pick one of your favorite documentaries. Bring it into class and watch it with the entire class. Then, have everyone write their own review of the documentary.

2. Have the students research the life of Ruth Ozeki. They should answer:

-What are some of her documentaries?

- What is the extent of her education?

- What information does she use to write her book, My Year of Meats? What studies have been done about the hormones she discusses?

3. Have a class...

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