My Year of Meats Fun Activities

Ruth Ozeki
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Japanese Food

What is your favorite type of Japanese food?

Make it and bring it into class.

Japanese Games

What games do Japanese children play?

Research typical games and then attempt to make your own.

Field Trip to Japan

Pretend that you are taking a class field trip to Japan.

Have each student map out a special place that they would like to go to while you are on your trip to Japan.

Japan has a lot of television shows that are very popular.

Bring in one of the shows to watch with the rest of the class.

Japanese Clothing

Traditional Japanese clothing is extremely beautiful.

Research the traditional Japanese dress and make an outfit.

Bring the outfit into class to wear.

Make your own film

Pretend that you are a filmmaker.

What would you like the subject of your film to be?

Why is...

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