My Year of Meats Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ruth Ozeki
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Essay Topic 1

The only way John can feel pleasure or become aroused with a woman is if he is subduing her. Is this statement true or false?

If true, give three examples proving the truth of the statement.

If false, give three examples of how this statement is false.

Essay Topic 2

How does Jane's mixed ethnicity make her the perfect producer for My American Wife!?

Why does it end up being the reason she clashes with her employers?

Essay Topic 3

Many people believe that if two people are married, a partner in the relationship cannot be raped even if they are forced into sexual intercourse. Use Akiko's story to prove this theory false.

Essay Topic 4

What is the stereotypical ideal of the perfect American housewife? How does Jane work to break this image for both Japanese and Americans?

Are many Americans slow to let go of the ideal...

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