My Year of Meats Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ruth Ozeki
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Prologue and Chapter 1, The Sprouting Month

• The novel starts when Jane gets a call from a friend. She is asked to produce a new show.

• The show is being paid for by a Japanese beef company that wants Japanese women to consume more meat.
• The show is called My American Wife! American housewives will cook recipes with beef.

• Jane is of Japanese and American descent. Sometimes this causes culture clashes.
• Jane ignores that the show's view will be slightly biased.

• She is excited to have a new job because she can now pay the rent.

Chapter 2, The Clothes Lining Month and Chapter 3, The Ever-Growing Month

• Akiko Ueno watches My American Wife! because her husband has asked her to view it.

• He wants her to gain weight so that she can give him a baby.

• Akiko is supposed to watch the shows and fill out the psychological essays.

• The...

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