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Short Answer Questions

1. When court is adjourned for the day during the hearing, Anna needs a ride. Who offers her a ride back to the fire station?

2. Who does Campbell have on the stand to testify on behalf of Anna?

3. After recovering from his collapse, where does Campbell meet his client?

4. According to Campbell, the only voice the court should listen to is whose?

5. Campbell is moved from the courtroom to where?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Anna say she wants to be in ten years? Why do you think she wants that?

2. Who says it's not suicide if you are already dying? What is this in response to?

3. Why is Anna not at court the morning of the hearing?

4. When Sara whispers "we're going to lose her" to Brian, why is she talking about either Anna or Kate?

5. Why is Campbell answering the doctor's question about organ donation instead of Sara and Brian?

6. Why does Izzy think there is hope for Campbell as he leaves with Julia for dinner?

7. Why does Brian decide not to turn Jesse in as the arsonist?

8. Why doesn't Brian want to face Judge DeSalvo's decision?

9. Why does Anna remind Sara of herself?

10. What happens before Campbell can answer Julia's question about his dog, after his argument with Anna?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The court system is designed to help minors, so that their rights are preserved. In the story, Anna secures her own attorney, the judge assigns a G.A.L. and Anna's attorney files an R.O. on her behalf, all the components designed to help the minor have varied effects. Explain how each persons role, or each persons actions, either hinder or improve the petitioner's case.

Essay Topic 2

Kate, Anna and Jesse all want to be someone else other than who they are. Why? Include details about when they feel this way and why.

Essay Topic 3

Anna and Kate both go on dates. Discuss Julia's reaction to Anna's date, and Sara's reaction to Kate's. Give a basis for each reaction from the story.

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