My Sister's Keeper Character Descriptions

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Anna Fitzgerald

This character projectile vomits in elementary school while giving an oral report.

Campbell Alexander

This character is faced with feelings from a fifteen year old past relationship, which comes to resolution in the midst of the Fitzgerald family implosion.

Sara Fitzgerald

This character surprises some with the revelation of being an attorney.

Brian Fitzgerald

This character is sued and eventually provides alternative living space for the litigant.

Jesse Fitzgerald

This character knows how to set fires.

Julia Romano

An economically deprived teenager who, as an adult, comes face to face with the past, fifteen years later, while working to navigate the Fitzgerald family minefield.

Kate Fitzgerald

This character smiles when tackled during a family football game.

Duracell Dan

This character takes a ride on a stolen equipment vehicle and provides information that keeps a man from burning to death.

Suzanne Crofton

This character is bossy and...

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