My Sister the Serial Killer Short Essay - Answer Key

Oyinkan Braithwaite
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1. From what narrative perspective is the novel related? Why is this important?

The novel is related from the first-person perspective of Korede, its protagonist. It is important that Korede tells the story because it limits the reader's insights into the overall picture. Korede is a subjective narrator and justifies her crimes and her support of her sister, who kills men.

2. What is the inciting incident in My Sister, the Serial Killer? How does this event propel the action forward?

The inciting incident of the novel is related in the first chapter, "Words," when Korede receives a phone call from her sister indicating that she has killed someone. This propels the action by compelling the protagonist to act in helping (and abetting) her sister in covering up her third murder.

3. What is exposition and how is it related in My Sister, the Serial Killer?

Exposition refers to the insertion of information regarding the backstory or characters, settings, or circumstances in narrative literature. In My Sister, the Serial Killer, exposition is related through flashbacks to Korede and Ayoola's childhood as well as through dream sequences, direct narration, and dialogue.

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