My Sister the Serial Killer Character Descriptions

Oyinkan Braithwaite
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This protagonist and narrator of the novel is a Nigerian nurse who lives and works in Lagos. She lives with her mother and her younger sister.


This character is the younger sister of the protagonist. She is approximately 20 years old and is stunningly beautiful. She often dates men, but also has a history of murdering some of her dates.


This character is a doctor who is the protagonist's supervisor at the hospital. He is fascinated by the protagonist's beautiful younger sister, although the protagonist harbors a secret crush on him.


This character in the novel is obsessed with securing marriages for her children in order to secure their futures.


This character died ten years prior to the events in the novel, presumably as the result of a medical crisis.


This character is a prolonged-coma patient at the hospital where the protagonist works. When...

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