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Lesson 1 (from I Hole Up in a Snowstorm – I Meet One of My Own Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away)


Jean Craighead George is the author of "My Side of the Mountain." The aim of this lesson is to examine the life and writing of George and how she came to write the book.


Class Discussion: What did George say about reasons for writing? How did she describe the writing process? When did she begin writing? Why was the enjoyment with nature that she had as a child a vital part of her writing? How did she incorporate adventures she had into her books? What inspired her? What research did she do? What did she hope her books would do for children? Did she do much of her research in person? How many pets did she have in her lifetime, and how did they feature in her works? What are common themes in her writing? Did she ever stop writing?

Activity: Create a chart or...

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