My Side of the Mountain Fun Activities

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Gribley Farm

Create a topographical map of the farm. Be sure to include some of the major plant life that Sam described, along with the geographical features.

Tree House Diorama

Create a diorama of Sam's tree house.

Edible Plants

Research edible\ plants that might be found in the Catskills. Create a poster or PowerPoint presentation with pictures of these plants. Label the pictures and write a few sentences describing how the plants might be used for food.

Falcon Video

Watch a video about peregrine falcons.

Peregrine Falcon

Draw a series of images or collect photos that show the development of a peregrine falcon from egg to adult.


Watch the film version of "On My Side of the Mountain."


Read one or more of the sequels to "On the Far Side of the Mountain": "Frightful's Mountain," "Frightful's Daughter," or "Frightful's Daughter Meets Baron Weasel."


Sketch your...

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