My Side of the Mountain Character Descriptions

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Sam Gribley

This character is from New York, is twelve years old, and leaves the city to live off the land.


This character is a female falcon.

Miss Turner

This character is the librarian in Delhi, New York.

Sam's Father

This character is either a merchant marine or a civilian sailor.


This character is an English professor.

Matt Spell

This character is a college student who works for the Poughkeepsie New Yorker newspaper.

Mrs. Thomas Fielder

This character is an elderly women who is 97 and who has lived in Delhi all her life.

Harold and Grace

This is a married couple who are tourists who visit Bitter Mountain to see the view from the gorge.

Tom Sidler

This boy is about twelve, lives in Delhi, and always wears a leather jacket.

Baron Weasel

This character is an animal that lives under a large boulder north of the...

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