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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Enishte?
(a) Black's father.
(b) Elegant's uncle.
(c) Black's uncle.
(d) Elegant's father.

2. Which illustration is Enishte having a hard time completing?
(a) The one of himself.
(b) The most important one.
(c) The first one.
(d) The final one.

3. What secret does the murderer disclose about the secret book?
(a) That it is no longer secret and has enemies.
(b) That it is the reason Elegant was killed.
(c) That it is inferior.
(d) That it needs to be stopped immediately.

4. Why does Black try to keep the wedding secret?
(a) To get things done more quickly.
(b) To protect them from Hasan and his men.
(c) To make it happen before others realize Enishte is dead.
(d) So Shekure will not be shamed.

5. How has Black spent the last twelve years of his life?
(a) Hunting for fugitives and murderers.
(b) Selling pickles at a local market.
(c) Traveling across Persia doing work.
(d) Telling stories to any people that will come.

6. What does Shekure see when she comes back to her room?
(a) That it was ransacked.
(b) That all of her letters to Black are missing.
(c) That her father is dead.
(d) That someone is waiting inside for her.

7. When does the Sultan want the Book of Festivities completed?
(a) In time to unveil it at the market.
(b) In time for the anniversary of the Hegira.
(c) Before the end of the year.
(d) Before the festival of Shekure.

8. How does Olive answer the question?
(a) With three stores on time and painting.
(b) With specific illustrations.
(c) With three parables about blindness and memory.
(d) With three parables on style and signature.

9. Whose approval does the judge say Shekure needs before he can grant the divorce?
(a) Her own.
(b) Brothers.
(c) Husbands.
(d) Guardians.

10. What does Shevket bring back to Black?
(a) An illustration that Shekure completed.
(b) A blank perfumed paper.
(c) A new letter from Shekure.
(d) A dead cat.

11. What does the murderer want Enishte to show him?
(a) The stories that Black has written.
(b) The letters from his daughter to Black.
(c) What the book looks like so far.
(d) The final illustration.

12. What does Black want Shekure to know?
(a) His knowledge of her plans.
(b) His love for her.
(c) His desire to run away.
(d) His plans for the investigation.

13. What does Shekure have Hayriye take to Elegant's widow?
(a) A basket of food.
(b) A letter.
(c) Halva.
(d) An illustration.

14. Why is it difficult for Esther to read the letter to Black?
(a) She is illiterate.
(b) She cannot read script writing.
(c) She does not speak the same language.
(d) The handwriting is blurred from the water.

15. What do Enishte and the murderer talk about in regard to their art?
(a) Whether it is good enough.
(b) Whether they will ever finish it.
(c) Whether it is blasphemous.
(d) Whether or not Black will help them finish it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What work did Elegant do when he was alive?

2. What does Esther tell Shekure when she gives him the two letters?

3. What does Hayriye bring to Black?

4. What signals Esther that Shekure wants her to leave?

5. Where does Shekure drag her father's body?

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