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This is a preacher from Erzurum who claims he is descended directly from Muhammad.


Men often gather here to listen to the storyteller who uses hastily-drawn illustrations to enhance his tales.

Storyteller's Illustrations

The storyteller has the artists make these for his storytelling performances.

Book of Festivities

The Sultan's book-making workshop is preparing this book to recount the 52-day circumcision ceremonies of his son.

Enishte's Secret Book

Enishte is having this made.

Murder Picture From The Story of Hüsrev and Shirin

The murderer describes this.

Black's Illustration to Shekure

As a youth, this is made which is a copy of a picture given to a lover.

Mongol Ink pot

Black gives Enishte this gift.

House of the Hanged Jew

This is a deserted house across from Enishte's home.

Hasan's Red Sword

This is rumored to sever anything it touches. The weapon beheads the murderer.

Hasan's Ruby-Studded Dagger

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