My Name Is Red Character Descriptions

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This is the main character of the novel.


This character is honorable and intelligent. She is also shrewd and independent.

The Murderer/Olive

This character is one of the master miniaturists in the Sultan's book-arts workshop. He is so proud of his work that he assumes he is the best artist in the workshop. He believes the other artists in the workshop are jealous of him.


This character works as an ambassador to Venice for the Sultan. On one trip to Venice, he is almost killed. On another trip, he becomes enamored with the portraits and other artwork that is flourishing everywhere in that city.

Master Osman

This character is the Head Illuminator of the Sultan's book-arts workshop.


This is one of the Sultan's master miniaturists working under two others on the secret book.


This is another of the Sultan's master miniaturists. He...

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