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Short Answer Questions

1. Jacob Kahn states that all paintings fall into one of which two categories?

2. Which biblical book does the matron of the hotel read continually?

3. Besides learning art, what does Asher learn from Jacob Kahn in Chapter 10?

4. In Chapter 11, where does Asher spend the month of July?

5. What biblical book does Asher read on the holiday of Tisha b'Av?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the illness that forces Jacob Kahn into bed for a few days?

2. Describe the sculpture that Jacob Kahn specifically keeps for himself in Chapter 11, purportedly at his wife's request.

3. Why does the Rebbe want Asher to study Russian?

4. How does Asher describe the difference between a naked woman and a nude?

5. Describe the person with whom Asher stays in Florence.

6. How do the strangers at the art show react to the Brooklyn Crucifixions?

7. What does Asher do for the summer while Jacob Kahn campaigns for Kennedy?

8. Describe the reactions of Aryeh and Rivkeh when Asher announces that he plans to spend the summer in Europe.

9. Before meeting with Jacob Kahn for the first time, Asher receives an assignment from him to read a story from the New Testament. What is the story? How does Asher feel about reading it?

10. What is Asher's strongest memory of his first art show?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Asher's changed eyes cause him to experience the world in a unique way. Describe this way of seeing. How does this way of seeing affect his choices for subjects to draw and paint? How does it shape his perspectives on controversial subjects? Use concrete examples, such as the difference between the way he views a nude and the way Aryeh views a nude.

Essay Topic 2

When Asher hears about the conditions in which Russian Jews are living, he feels the need to ask Yudel Krinsky many questions about Siberia. The answers to these questions contribute to Asher's growing fear of leaving his Brooklyn street. Write an essay that describes what is happening in Russia and Siberia during the time of this novel, including as many of the novel's details as you can remember, and compare and contrast the characters' reaction to those evens. For example, how does Aryeh's reaction differ from Asher's? With whose opinion do you most sympathize?

Essay Topic 3

World view is an important topic in this novel. For example, Jacob Kahn views the world as an artist, while Aryeh views the world as an observant Jew who obeys his rabbi. Choose a character and explain how his or her world view drives his or her actions and thoughts.

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