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Short Answer Questions

1. Asher begins to experience his art more deeply when what part of him changes?

2. Who takes care of the Lev family during Rivkeh's incapacitating depression?

3. In Chapter 2, when Asher begins to go to Yudel Krinsky's store for conversation, he feels that he has to buy something every time. What does he buy first?

4. Which museum do Rivkeh and Asher visit together?

5. Yudel Krinsky describes Siberia as the home of which being?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Aryeh returns to Brooklyn for the Pesach, how does he treat Asher?

2. Explain the Rebbe's opinion of Asher's desire to be an artist.

3. When Asher first meets Jacob Kahn, what advice does Jacob give him concerning becoming an artist?

4. The mashpia talks with Asher about his behavior in school, such as his drawing the Rebbe in the Chumash. Then, he leaves Asher in the office with a notebook. What happens next?

5. What happens to the Russian writers? How do the Levs react?

6. How does Rivkeh react to the drawings Asher creates as a toddler?

7. Out of a deep longing to learn to use oil paints, Asher steals several tubes of oil paint and several brushes from Yudel Krinsky's store. What does he do with them? Why do you think he does this?

8. At the beginning of Chapter 4, Asher draws Stalin many times. How do Aryeh and Rivkeh react to Asher's renewed interest in drawing?

9. What does the mashpia do at Asher's school?

10. Where does the Lev family spend their summers? What do they do there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Vocation" is a word that describes one's choice of career as a way to fulfill one's personhood. This novel heavily emphasizes vocation as a way to follow God. Compare and contrast Aryeh's choice to travel for the Rebbe with Asher's choice to become an artist. Do you think they choose appropriate vocations to express who they are on the inside? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Aryeh Lev risks his health and at times his life to help bring Russian Jews to safety, even though Rivkeh and Asher worry about him intensely. Do you think Aryeh makes a wise decision to travel abroad for the Rebbe, or do you think he would have been wiser to stay in Brooklyn? Write your idea of what might have happened if Aryeh had stayed in Brooklyn during Asher's artistically formative years.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Asher describes moments of intimacy and estrangement between his parents, such as the intimacy that his parents gain through working in Europe alone together and the estrangement Rivkeh experiences from Aryeh due to Asher's art. Explain some of these moments. Do you think this makes a statement about what a normal marriage is like, or do you think Aryeh and Rivkeh should have treated each other differently? How do you think this affects Asher's development as a person? How does it affect his art?

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