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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does not come to the Lev home on Sundays, leaving Rivkeh and Asher to fix lunch for themselves?
(a) Yudel Krinsky.
(b) Yitzchok Lev.
(c) Mrs. Rackover.
(d) The Rebbe.

2. What does the mashpia call Asher?
(a) Mr. Lev.
(b) Asherel.
(c) Asherie.
(d) A.J.

3. In which academic discipline does Aryeh have a master's degree?
(a) International business.
(b) Political science.
(c) Russian history and culture.
(d) Jewish history.

4. Which person's picture is on the wall in every classroom at Asher's school?
(a) The Rebbe.
(b) Moses.
(c) Abraham.
(d) Yudel Krinsky.

5. On what subject matter does the mashpia teach?
(a) Social studies.
(b) Russian language.
(c) Jewish history.
(d) Ladover Hasidism.

6. Yudel Krinsky describes Siberia as the home of which being?
(a) The angel Michael.
(b) The Angel of Death.
(c) Abraham.
(d) Stalin.

7. What is the place where Aryeh goes regularly to have a ritual bath?
(a) The synagogue.
(b) The mivkeh.
(c) The mashpia.
(d) The sitra achra.

8. The Ukrainian Jewish Communists published a newspaper called what?
(a) Stern.
(b) The Kiev Times.
(c) The Chumash.
(d) Pesach.

9. Yudel Krinsky describes which place as "a city of cafes and waltzes"?
(a) Vienna.
(b) London.
(c) Lisbon.
(d) Munich.

10. After feeling unable to correctly tint the shadows of Rivkeh's cheek with a pencil, Asher uses what object to create the color of shadow?
(a) A cigarette.
(b) Sand.
(c) Melted chocolate.
(d) Charcoal.

11. What is the phrase used to describe the origin of things that are not holy or good?
(a) Krias shema.
(b) Sitra achra.
(c) Ribbono shel olom.
(d) Shabbos.

12. What type of hat does Yudel Krinsky wear?
(a) A toboggan.
(b) A kaskett.
(c) A fez.
(d) A yarmulke.

13. At the end of Chapter 6, three new Jewish families move to Asher's neighborhood from which country?
(a) Hungary.
(b) East Germany.
(c) Russia.
(d) Poland.

14. Where does Asher insist on staying while his parents go to Europe?
(a) The United States.
(b) The New York area.
(c) His street.
(d) His bedroom.

15. At the beginning of Chapter 4, which person does Asher draw repeatedly?
(a) Stalin.
(b) Jacob Kahn.
(c) His mythic ancestor.
(d) The Rebbe.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Lev family doctor warns Asher about the lead in which color of paint?

2. In Chapter 4, when Asher goes to Yudel Krinsky to ask him about Russian Jewish history, what is Yudel eating?

3. Which character's unexpected death causes Rivkeh to fall into a serious depression?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 7, the mashpia informs Asher that which person wants to meet with him?

5. On Shabbos afternoons, Aryeh returns to the synagogue alone in order to do what?

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