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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who killed Aryeh's father?
(a) A rich Russian landowner.
(b) A peasant who was drunk.
(c) Stalin.
(d) An American soldier.

2. What instrument does the Rebbe use to make a loud noise on Rosh Hashonoh?
(a) A shofar.
(b) A tallis.
(c) A whistle.
(d) A trombone.

3. At the show, Jacob Kahn tells Asher that he wishes he had whose "gall"?
(a) Moses's.
(b) Picasso's.
(c) Chagall's.
(d) The Rebbe's.

4. Where does Asher move when Rivkeh goes to Europe to be with Aryeh?
(a) Boarding school.
(b) Yitzchok Lev's house.
(c) Yudel Krinsky's house.
(d) Jacob Kahn's apartment.

5. The Lev family doctor warns Asher about the lead in which color of paint?
(a) Flake white.
(b) Viridian.
(c) Cadmium red.
(d) Cerulean.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next time Asher visits that museum, he makes sketches of the paintings that portray which person?

2. After looking at what was left on his chair in the Rebbe's waiting room, Asher draws a picture and dates it using which calendar style?

3. According to Asher while he is talking with Aryeh in Chapter 14, who buys his paintings?

4. In the Brooklyn Crucifixions, what structure forms the crucifix?

5. In Chapter 6 during class, Asher draws a picture in which book?

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