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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what subject matter does the mashpia teach?
(a) Russian language.
(b) Social studies.
(c) Jewish history.
(d) Ladover Hasidism.

2. After completing her undergraduate degree, Rivkeh pursues a master's degree in which academic discipline?
(a) Religious studies.
(b) Jewish literature.
(c) Russian affairs.
(d) Mathematics.

3. Where does Asher insist on staying while his parents go to Europe?
(a) His bedroom.
(b) The United States.
(c) The New York area.
(d) His street.

4. Asher sees strong similarities between the face of the mashpia and the face of which other character?
(a) The Rebbe.
(b) Aryeh.
(c) Yudel Krinsky.
(d) Jacob Kahn.

5. Jacob Kahn states that all paintings fall into one of which two categories?
(a) Life and death.
(b) Geometry and a flower.
(c) Love and hate.
(d) Impressionism and realism.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 9, Jacob Kahn encourages Asher to paint the full depth of his hatred for which person in his life?

2. In the first paragraph of Chapter 3, Aryeh announces the death of which world leader?

3. After feeling unable to correctly tint the shadows of Rivkeh's cheek with a pencil, Asher uses what object to create the color of shadow?

4. Where did Jacob Kahn first meet Anna Schaeffer?

5. Of all the drawings Asher makes for the mashpia, which person does he not draw?

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