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Sculptures of Self

These objects become for Jacob Kahn and Asher a symbol of their lives and work, although they are often very temporary.


This object is something that Asher wears that shows his religious roots. As he becomes an artist, he struggles with the decision of what to do with it and eventually chooses not to wear it at all.

Rivkeh's Desk

This object is a symbol for one character's developing her own life and career. When the character moves, she intentionally takes this object with her as a way to retain her sense of self.

Newspapers and Magazines

Aryeh continually carries this object in order to stay aware of what is happening in the world, especially as concerns the Jews.


Anna Schaeffer sends Asher this object as a gift, but Asher does not use it.

Dated Portraits

Jacob Kahn and Asher each create one...

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