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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1. As the novel begins, Asher immediately explains who his parents are and who their families were. Thereafter, Aryeh and Asher continually think about their roles in relation to the family line; Asher, for example, often dreams of his terrifying mythic ancestor due to his feelings of guilt as he pursues his art. The objective of this lesson is to think about how family history influences personal development.


1.) Class discussion. Discuss the history of the Lev family, which has had its share of suffering. How do you think Aryeh's father's death affects Aryeh's choices in life? How do you think Asher perceives his family history? Is it something he respects, or is it something he tries to ignore or escape?

2.) Writing assignment. Each of us has stories from our past or from our family's past that have shaped who we are. Write a few paragraphs...

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